5 health and wellness trends for this 2023

tendencias bienestar 2023

This is the year of the digital detox, plant-based drinks and prioritizing mental health – here are the wellness trends you need to keep an eye on this 2023!

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1. Incidental exercise

A wellness trend that allows us to exercise during work hours? This 2023, we finally have it.

Incidental exercise is an activity that is done in small amounts and at different times of the day. In today’s time-strapped society, it’s a trend that’s on the rise. Studies suggest that it can be just as beneficial to health as prolonged exercise sessions. The difference is that it can often be included in everyday life, making it easier to integrate into your daily routine!

2. The matcha boom

Replacing coffee with matcha a few days a week is a small but impactful change that helps reduce stress, manage anxiety and boost the immune system. According to some experts, this Japanese superfood is set to become the morning energizer of 2023. Matcha contains enough caffeine to energize us in the morning while improving our health. In addition, the energy of coffee is released quickly within two hours. On the other hand, matcha releases energy within four to six hours, making us feel active for longer.

3. Inclusive beauty

When it comes to beauty products filling store shelves, we are about to see the boundaries separating men’s and women’s products blur. Instead, we’ll see more products targeting specific concerns that are relevant to everyone. For example, skin care should not be gender-specific, but targeted to specific problems, such as treating breakouts, pores and irritation.

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4. Facial Yoga

Another wellness trend in 2023 is facial yoga.

Facial yoga is a routine composed of massages and exercises that help stimulate the muscles, skin and lymphatic system around the facial area. It is believed to soothe and relax the muscles of the face, relieving visual signs of tension, stress and worry.

5. Digital Detoxification

Our increasing dependence on smartphones, tablets and laptops is causing many people to rethink their relationship with their electronic devices, and in 2023, this will result in digital detoxification. We are all becoming more and more aware of the time we spend in front of a screen and the detriments of being hooked to a phone for endless hours a day. This year, join this trend and give your mind a break!

We share with you this article with more tips to take care of your mental health.