Do you want to lose weight? Don’t fall for these myths!


If you are starting your weight loss process, it is important that your decisions are not dictated by incorrect information.

Reading time: 3 minutes

Many tips are floating around about what to do to get rid of the extra pounds. There are so many, that sometimes it is difficult to distinguish reliable information from false information and we end up implementing something without any scientific support.

Here we bring you 4 myths about weight loss disproved by science.

Carbohydrates are fattening:

While it’s true that refined carbohydrates – such as processed cereals and pastries – can cause weight gain, it’s not correct to label all carbohydrates as harmful. Whole foods containing carbohydrates can be very healthy. In this group we can find oats, quinoa and brown rice. In addition, the combination of all food groups in a balanced way plays a fundamental role in weight loss.

To lose weight it is enough to eat healthy and exercise:

There are many factors that affect your weight besides diet and exercise. Of course having healthy habits goes a long way in maintaining an ideal weight, but genetics and metabolism also have a big impact on your weight loss process. Remember that all bodies are different.

Losing weight is a linear process:

The perfect weight loss method does not exist. Related to the previous point, it is important to keep in mind that it is normal for progress to be less than perfect. Not all methods, diets and exercises work for everyone in the same way.

Dietary foods will help you lose weight:

Although fat-free or sugar-free processed foods are sold as healthy food, many times artificial sweeteners or other replacements are not the healthiest option. In addition, many products focus on being fat-free. Remember that healthy fats are necessary to maintain a balanced diet.

We recommend that before starting an exercise routine or diet you consult with a specialist. Seek guidance in the process to lose weight while taking care of your health and helping you achieve optimal results.