Four Weight Loss Myths to Stay Away From

When starting a weight loss journey, you want to make sure incorrect information isn't having an impact on your decisions.

If you are in the process of losing weight, you may have found a lot of information on the subject.

Just as there is a lot of valid information, there is a lot of information out there that is not true, or that does not apply to everyone.

  • Carbohydrates make you fat: While refined carbs can lead to weight gain, it is not as simple as labeling all carbohydrates as harmful. Whole foods that contain carbs can be very healthy. Also, combining foods is a whole science in itself and plays a big role in weight loss.
  • Losing weight is as simple as eating healthy and exercising: There are many factors that affect your weight, in addition to diet and physical exercise. Of course, having healthy habits helps a lot to maintain an ideal weight, but genetics and metabolism also have a big impact.
  • Diet food will help you lose weight: Even if fat-free or sugar-free food is marketed as healthy food, artificial sweeteners or other replacements are not necessarily the healthiest option. Also, while many products focus on being fat-free, healthy fats are necessary to maintain a balanced diet.
  • The process of losing weight is linear: The perfect and ideal process does not exist. It is normal for progress to not be constant or perfect, and not all methods, diets and exercises work for all people in the same way.

We recommend that you inform yourself by talking to specialists in the field before starting an aggressive routine or a diet without knowing what effects it may have on your body. It is important that you know how your body can react, and what results are realistic to expect.

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