The Best Natural Products for Your Homemade Spa

Learn about these natural alternatives for a homemade spa that will have a great impact on your health and the environment

There is nothing more relaxing than spending a day at the spa every now and then. Whether you like to receive professional massages, or take care of your skin with a facial, or do some treatment on your hands or feet, it is the dedication of that personal time that makes spa days so special.

If social distancing makes you miss those experiences, today we’ll teach you how to prepare the most relaxing spa day, with natural products that are beneficial both for your body and for the environment.

These are some elements to consider to create the best spa environment in your home.

  • Create an optimal environment: Since it will be impossible for you to relax in an environment that is not clean and uncluttered, we recommend cleaning your bathroom, or the area where you are going to create your spa before starting. Keep in mind that anything you use to clean your space can come into contact with your skin, or evaporate and end up in the air you breathe. You can dissolve white or apple cider vinegar in water to naturally disinfect any surface. Don’t forget to put on some relaxing background music.
  • Use beeswax candles instead of soy candles, or an oil burner. These have a lower environmental impact since they release cleaner smoke, are biodegradable and do not require the large machinery necessary to harvest the soybeans.
  • When preparing your immersion bath, it is recommended that you use natural coarse salts, such as Epsom salt and natural oil (it can be lavender, eucalyptus, or whatever fragrance you find most relaxing), instead of using bath bombs. Bath bombs can cause a urinary tract infection when they dissolve.
  • Make a homemade mask. There are thousands of masks available at your local pharmacy. However, many of these masks come in plastic containers or come with sheets to apply them that are not biodegradable. This can leave residue on your skin and in the environment. You can create homemade masks with the ingredients you have in your kitchen. Here are some mask recipes that you can prepare to take care of your skin and hair in a natural way.
  • Finally, remember to have warm towels on hand to dry and seal the experience with a flourish.

We hope you put these tips for a home spa to the test. Let us know in the comments what your experience was.

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