Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Latin flavor


When we think of Thanksgiving, we usually think of turkey, mashed potatoes and lots of different types of casseroles. However, in families with Latino heritage, the list of foods is even longer.

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In a household with Cuban heritage, ripe bananas will definitely be on the table. Fried sweet bananas are a staple of Cuban cuisine, along with black beans. For its part, milanesa is a Latin American dish that Argentines do exceptionally well. The milanesa is a breaded selection of meat that can be pork, chicken or beef. 

If you’re sharing Thanksgiving with Puerto Ricans, you’re likely to find mofongo on the table. This dish consists of mashed plantains flavored with garlic as the main ingredient. 

What about dessert? Families with Dominican heritage often substitute the traditional cake for a rum cake.

On the other hand, salad is something you won’t find in a traditional Thanksgiving meal – who wants a salad when there’s a pile of mashed potatoes right next to it? Venezuelan families! A flavorful salad made with potatoes, mayonnaise, carrots and chicken is sure to be a hit.

Thanksgiving dinner is a great opportunity to share the flavors and traditions of your homeland. Surprise your family and friends by accompanying the turkey with delicious alternatives to the traditional. Here are some ideas for snacks with a Latin flavor.

And remember! Enjoying the holidays does not have to be synonymous with neglecting a healthy and nutritious diet. In the next article we will share with you some ways to have a healthier Thanksgiving.

The Salud team wishes you a happy holiday!