Do you know the secret to staying in shape during the holidays?

en forma durante las fiestas

During the holiday season we spend a lot of time with our loved ones, especially around the table! Here’s how you can stay in shape during the holidays.

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It is common that during the holiday season we consume more food than usual, which will often be rich in fat, salt and sugar. This can mess up your weight loss or weight maintenance progress, as well as cause heaviness and digestive problems. 

Here are some tips to protect your body and your energy during the holidays.

Eat delicious, but healthy.

It is possible to have a healthy holiday menu: simply add fruits and vegetables to every meal. Another point to consider is quantities. Don’t overeat and listen to your satiety indicators. Ideally, take small portions of each dish so you can try a little bit of everything. If, despite following this advice, holiday dinners cause damage to  your digestive health, try Mega Digestive.

Hydration is essential. 

Staying well hydrated is essential, especially when consuming salty and fatty dishes. So drink water throughout the day. It’s also important not to overindulge in alcohol, so think about non-alcoholic beverages that are just as festive. Remember that alcohol works up an appetite and is very caloric!

Keep moving.

Staying active is key. Organize yourself as you would in normal times to fit regular exercise sessions into your holiday routine. If you don’t do it regularly, we recommend that you start doing it at least two or three times a week. This will help you feel good about your body and help you burn off any calories that may accumulate during the holidays.

If you are with friends and family, ask them if they want to join you for a good time. For example, suggest digestive walks in nature which will help you to stay in shape during the holidays.

Enjoy the Christmas season!