Have you fulfilled your resolutions for 2022?

metas y propósitos 2022

Remember that list of resolutions and goals for 2022 that you created at the end of 2021? Did you fulfill your resolutions already?

Reading time: 3 minutes.

You may no longer remember where that list you created months ago is, or you may have just realized that you forgot about it before you accomplished your goals and resolutions. If that’s the case, don’t worry!  Instead, get yourself busy creating a new list of small resolutions to fulfill before the year is over. 

Start 2023 with renewed energy with these 3 recommendations!

Check the state of your physical health: 

Taking the time to identify points of weakness or that need attention in your state of health can help you prevent the development of diseases. Also, this is a good time to pay attention to your eating, physical activity and sleep habits – you’ll most likely find something to improve!

Get rid of everything you don’t need: 

And we don’t just mean material objects! It is true that the space where we live influences our energy and mood, and therefore, an organized and clean place gives us tranquility and harmony. But did you know that our mind works the same way? That is why it is important to periodically review our habits and get rid of those that are not functional.  

To start 2023 on the right foot, it is important that you identify your positive habits (so you can build something even better based on them) and those that are negative or simply did not work for you, so you can start working on replacing them with others that bring you closer to achieving your goals!

Here is a list of 8 productive habits to perform on a daily basis.

Become more proactive!

A proactive person is someone who takes responsibility for his or her life rather than looking for the causes of his or her problems in external circumstances or people. A new year is a great time to start thinking about solutions to your current problems.

We hope we have inspired you to fulfill these small resolutions!