Moringa Relax Tea


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Relaxing, alleviates nerves, calms stress.

Pure from the root to your teacup

Our relax and refresh tea is a unique blend of 6 wholesome ingredients. With the warm flavors of cinnamon, cardamom and relaxing peppermint proven to soothe your nerves and settle your stress combined with potent, extra-nutritious moringa leaf and other herbs, this tea will help you unwind from a long day and promotes restful sleep.

Place one tea bag in a teacup. Pour boiling water (120ml) directly on the tea bag. Infuse for 3 to 5 minutes and gently squeeze the tea bag to fully release the active ingredients. Add sweetener if desired and serve hot.

Our traditional moringa oleifera tea combined with other organic botanical ingredients steeps beautifully to activate all those delicious nutrients your body craves. Each tea is ethically harvested by hand, making sure that the potency, original color, aroma, and taste are at their peak for consumption. We only use the highest-quality, fair-trade, certified organic grown tea leaves that have been made in a pesticide-free Western ghat eco-soil so you can enjoy the best tea from the root to your teacup.


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