Practice Chair Yoga to Improve Your Balance and Posture at Home

Chair yoga is the perfect exercise to improve mobility and balance without straining yourself. Here are some of the benefits chair yoga has for you.

Many people shy away from practicing yoga because they feel they may not be flexible enough or have enough balance to complete many of the poses or movements. But the idea of yoga is to increase and improve flexibility and balance, so it’s OK if you are not able to place your foot behind your neck during your first practice. Hahahaha

If you feel like you are somewhat at a disadvantage in terms of mobility, stiffness, or balance, or you feel like your age can be an obstacle when it comes to taking up yoga as a practice, chair yoga might be just what you need to begin.

Here are some of the benefits that can make yoga more attractive to you, and that you can enjoy without leaving your seat by including your chair in your practice.

  • Strength and balance: Holding the positions during yoga builds up strength, which in turn leads to increased balance. This will not only reduce the risk of falling for you, but it may also improve your body’s ability to withstand injuries.
  • Flexibility and mobility: Contrary to popular belief, losing flexibility with age can be prevented. Practicing chair yoga regularly can be a gentle challenge that benefits not only the practice in itself, but it may also increase your mobility, facilitating all the other activities that you love.
  • Reduced Pain: Research has shown that exercising releases endorphins, hormones that act as natural painkillers. Chair yoga is an exercise gentle enough to not cause lots of pain, but active enough to help you deal with other forms of physical pain.
  • Better coordination: Yoga can help improve your ability to sense self-movement, and of the position of your body, also known as proprioception. Your proprioception, or kinesthesia, can be affected by degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain injuries, and even by milder or more common conditions, like a herniated disk, arthritis or diabetes. 
  • Reduced Stress: By entering a state of mindfulness that comes with practicing yoga, and focusing on your breathing and movement may help reduce anxiety and stress, and improve your overall mood.
  • Better sleep: Maintaining an exercise routine has been proving to improve sleep. By aiding in the reduction of pain, and the release of stress and anxiety, the practice of chair yoga may have a positive impact on your sleep pattern. 

If the concept of chair yoga is a new idea to you, we recommend searching up one of the many tutorials you can find for free on the web, to have someone experienced guide you safely in this gentle practice.

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