Muscle Loss? Lifting Weights Might Be the Solution You Are Looking For

Find out why it might be helpful for you to lift weights if you are beginning to experience muscle loss.

Over the course of time, many people suffer from muscle loss. If this is a problem that you feel identified with, read on. We have a fairly easy solution to implement.

Muscle atrophy can occur for many reasons, including genetic factors and a sedentary lifestyle. Around the age of 75 and up, the chances of muscle loss become greater.

One of the best ways to prevent muscle loss, or to alleviate the condition, is to do weight training.

This may sound intimidating if you’ve never practiced it before, but weight training helps increase muscle strength as well as endurance.

It is advisable to start with very small weights, one or two pounds. Over time, you can increase the size of the weights if you want to increase muscular endurance, but exercising with small weights on a frequent basis is a good start to avoid muscle loss.

Weight-lifting exercises should be accompanied by some adjustments in your lifestyle, since adding physical activity that is not usual requires compensating it with a balanced diet, rich in proteins and healthy fats, enough rest, and adequate hydration. You can supplement your diet with protein shakes each time you finish exercising to provide additional hydration and muscle support. We recommend taking CGH3 daily to help prevent muscle loss.

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