How to choose the ideal dietary supplement for me?

suplemento alimenticio ideal

An adequate intake of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients is essential to maintain good health. Consuming food supplements is an effective way to supply those nutrients that we do not consume in optimal amounts through our diet.

But, how to choose the ideal nutritional supplement for us?

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A doctor may prescribe what we should take if we are deficient in certain vitamins or minerals. For example, vitamins b, c, d, calcium, or folic acid. But it may also be that we make the decision to start supplementing based on our needs. This is allowed, as many supplements are not drugs and can therefore be sold freely. Moreover, taken consciously, informed, and in the correct dosage, they do not pose any health risk.

We know from research that the consumption of quality dietary supplements has a measurable impact on health. If we maintain certain healthy eating habits and an overall balanced lifestyle, we can benefit greatly from a nutritional supplement. 

But how do you determine which supplement is right for you?

  1. Pay attention to the ingredients 

Supplements contain many different ingredients. The challenge for any company that manufactures nutritional supplements is to keep the ingredients as pure as possible and not supplement with ingredients that are not necessary or do not contribute to the supplement itself.

In most cases, “less is more,” and when examining the ingredients in a supplement, we recommend looking for supplements formulated with natural ingredients.

  1. Consider that there are many ways to consume supplements.

The most common ways to consume supplements are in capsule, powder, pill, or liquid form. Each type is made differently and requires certain ingredients. Also, depending on our lifestyle, some supplements are more convenient than others.

Tablets, for example, are a convenient form of supplement for most people.

  1. Do you know how and where supplements are manufactured?

Some factors involved in large-scale supplement production can affect quality. For example, additional ingredients may be added during manufacturing just to make the machines work properly.

Supplements manufactured to pharmaceutical standards of precision, quality, and hygiene meet stricter standards than food production. This means that the overall quality of the product will be high.

Proper laboratory facilities, quality control, and supply chain management can also influence the quality of the supplement.

With the amount of supplement information available on the Internet, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to figure out which one is optimal for us. 

Remember that the most important thing to gain a benefit from supplementation is to choose quality products, as is the case with our best-selling products: Rigoton, Super High Potency e Immune Support. 

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