Do you know the nutritional value of holiday foods?

comida navideña

The holiday season brings with it not only festive feelings but also a variety of culinary delights that are an integral part of U.S. and Latin American traditions. Read on to learn more.

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We will tell you more about the nutritional value of these classic dishes!

1) Roast turkey – Lean source of protein:

A central dish on American tables, roast turkey, is an excellent source of lean protein. This food satisfies our senses during the holidays and contributes to muscle health and weight maintenance.

2) Bacalao a la Vizcaína – Omega-3 for the heart:

In Latin America, bacalao a la vizcaína (cooked cod) is a delicacy that provides flavor and benefits for the heart thanks to its omega-3 fatty acid content. These fatty acids help maintain cardiovascular health.

3) Apple and celery salad – Freshness and fiber:

This American classic adds a refreshing touch to the feast and provides essential fiber for digestion.

If this season of holiday dinners and gatherings is causing digestive disorders, try adding Mega Digestive, Boldo, or Acidophilus to your routine. 

4) Tamales – Sustained energy:

Present in many Latin American tables, tamales combine corn and assorted fillings. This dish offers sustained energy thanks to the mix of complex carbohydrates and proteins, maintaining stable energy levels.

5) Christmas Punch – Vitamins and spices:

Christmas punch provides vitamins thanks to the fruits used. In addition, spices such as cinnamon and cloves add antioxidant properties.

6) Beignets – Sweet indulgence in moderation:

Beignets, with their delicious mix of fried dough and sugar, are an occasional treat that can be enjoyed in moderation. They also provide energy-giving carbohydrates.

By exploring the nutritional value of these festive foods, we can appreciate how tradition and health are intertwined at the holiday table. Remember to celebrate the cultural richness they bring us during this special season.

Happy holidays full of flavor and wellness!