Healthy, filling, simple snacks

Salud brings you a few snacks you can make with very few ingredients to keep you full for longer.

Some of the difficulties of social distancing are the boredom and anxiety of being in a closed up space, and the frequent need of eating that all of this provoques. 

That’s why today, Salud brings you a list of a few simple snacks that can keep you full for a longer time, and that only take up a few simple ingredients.

  • Hard boiled eggs: Eggs are very versatile and have lots of protein. They are healthier when boiled, since they don’t absorb any oil. You can season them with salt, or add pepper or some other condiment to add flavor.
  • Bananas and peanut butter: Just like eggs, peanut butter contains lots of protein, and bananas are a great source of potassium. Besides, they are a fruit that can help overcome the depression caused by social distancing, since they contain tryptophan, which turns into serotonin, a hormone that causes happiness. You can prepare bite-sized snacks by putting a teaspoon of peanut butter between two pieces of banana, and cover them with chocolate if you have any, or simply eat them uncovered.
  • Quinoa salad: If you have more time to prepare it, or you are looking to prepare a healthy lunch or dinner that keeps you full for a longer time, you can prepare quinoa, let it cool down, and add veggies to make a salad. Adding spinach, chickpeas and tomatoes creates a good combination, but you can add any veggies or grains of your choice.

We hope that you try some of these simple snacks and that they help you stay full for longer.

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