Find out What Celebrities are Saying about Barre and How it Can Work for You

With summer coming up, you may want to upgrade your workout routine. Here's why the celebrities recommend including barre in your daily practice.

With summer coming up, you may feel more active, and maybe your good old yoga or pilates routine might just not cut it.

If you are looking to upgrade your regular workout routine, you may be interested in barre.

Barre is a balanced workout that engages the whole body and targets strength conditioning, as well as mindfulness and cardio. It is a rigorous workout that combines ballet, pilates, and yoga movements. Could this exercise get any more complete?

The benefits of this exercise include a mind-body connection, increased strength and balance, and reduced stress levels.

Here are three examples of celebs that enjoy practicing barre and recommend it.

  • Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, the co-host of the podcast Mom brain, and contributor for People and the Today Show, is a recognized yoga instructor known for her inclusive style and has spoken openly about her obsession with barre, and published about it on social media. She even dragged her husband, Alec Baldwin with her once.
  • If after watching Black Swan, Natalie Portman’s body became a target to reach for you, you need to know it took her a lot of sweat to get there. Besides taking up ballet classes, she supplemented them with swimming and cross-training that included barre exercises.
  • Historical celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, and Audrey Hepburn were also spotted practicing barre in their time.

Besides helping you reach the ballerina body you have always dreamed of, barre can help build up strength and tone muscles. Do you dare to give the barre a try?

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