The energy of the heart


Many people and companies, including the team behind SALUD, seek to create a positive impact on ourselves, our communities and the world. That’s why today we want to talk to you about the heart and the latest research findings in neurocardiology. Let’s talk about the energy of the heart.

Reading time: 3 minutes.

Our heart does more than we can imagine and is much more complex than was thought a few years ago. Recent studies in neurocardiology reflect the discovery that the heart has its own nervous system, known as the heart brain, which sends signals to the brain that are used to make decisions and manage our moods!

The brain, in turn, also sends signals to the heart that help stabilize, raise or lower our heart rate. The heart and the brain are connected and in constant communication. 

Another important discovery is that the heart is an electrical organ that produces enough energy to reach every cell in the body. Therefore, learning to maintain a heart in coherence and harmony is of great importance for our physical, but also mental health. By always highlighting the emotions of appreciation such as gratitude, affection and compassion we not only improve the health of the heart but also our physical and mental state in general. 

Our weekly recommendation for a healthy lifestyle is to eat a balanced diet, be active for at least 30 minutes 4 times a week and supplement your diet with a nutritional supplement such as CoQ10. This antioxidant is essential for the cardiovascular system, helps fight heart defects, hypertension and improves blood flow, it is also a powerful antioxidant that synthesizes cellular energy and stimulates the immune system!