Consuming collagen to look young: is it effective?

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To age gracefully (or stay looking young for longer), it is not enough to apply anti-aging creams. Our youth and skin quality depend primarily on our lifestyle: what we eat and drink, if we smoke, if we sleep well, and the air we breathe.

Here we tell you how consuming collagen can help us look young.

Reading time: 4 minutes.

Please note that this article does not claim that cosmetics or anti-aging creams are useless, not at all! Good quality cosmetic products formulated with active ingredients allow us to improve the quality of our skin: they add radiance, improve its texture and elasticity, fade fine lines, etc.

We know that skin plays an important role in our “youthful” appearance, but… it is not enough. Using anti-aging products does not replace what a healthy lifestyle can do for our health and appearance. 

A youthful appearance starts from the inside out.

Think about one thing: our cells are constantly renewing themselves! Every cell in our body, including those in our dermis, has a life cycle: they are born, they live, and they die. So how are new cells “built”? 

They use what we eat as “bricks or raw material”. That’s why no one can live without eating. We would not have enough nutrients to renew our cells. 

We are what we eat, literally! 

The quality of the nutrients we consume is directly reflected in our appearance. 

This is where dietary supplements become essential: they do not replace a balanced diet, but allow us to provide nutrients to our body that because of our lifestyle or natural aging, we do not produce or consume enough of. 

So, does consuming collagen orally help to maintain a youthful appearance? 

Yes. Collagen consumed through dietary supplements is assimilated by the body and used as “raw material” to build new natural collagen molecules. 

In more detail: 

  1. We ingest a collagen supplement.
  1. The digestive tract converts it into amino acids.
  1. The body receives a signal that there is too much collagen residue. Then the cells assume that they must reproduce quickly.
  1. The body builds more natural collagen!

Naturally, collagen is provided by our diet, for example, by consuming cooked fish broths including its skin and bones. However, since it is not always possible to consume the optimal amount of this nutrient naturally, a collagen supplement is a great option to help you feel and look younger!