Are you ready for the arrival of cold weather?

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It can be difficult to adjust to a newly arrived season, especially when it comes to fall and winter. Many of the elements associated with the arrival of cold weather contribute to weakening your body. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the cooler weather ahead.

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As winter approaches the body begins to feel the effects of seasonal changes. It is common to feel how our metabolism starts to slow down as our immune system weakens. Anticipating the effects of the cold allows a smoother transition, which will translate to a more enjoyable fall and winter. 

So what can you do?

1. Don’t forget to exercise!

Cold weather often makes it difficult to get regular exercise. At SALUD we understand that low temperatures can be demotivating, but lack of physical activity weakens the body and makes it more sensitive to its environment. That is why it is important to strengthen and accustom the body to burn calories – even if it is cold! 

You can opt for simple exercises such as walking or cycling. Half an hour of walking a day is a good habit to adopt to be well prepared for the cold season. 

If during your daily walk you get a little seasonal cold, you can help your immune system with a vitamin C supplement.

2. Get rest and wear weather-appropriate clothing

Getting a good, restful night’s sleep is important for your well-being. Particularly during the winter season (when conditions are hardest on the body) cell renewal is most active after dark. It is therefore recommended to give our body the necessary rest to help it in its repair process. 

On the other hand, the cold can promote colds, coughs or respiratory problems. To combat its effects, it is essential to wear appropriate clothing that protects us from the weather.

3. Strengthen your immune system against winter

The human body requires a lot of care and strength to cope with a change of season. Strengthening your immune system is essential to prepare you for each seasonal transition. To help you in this reinforcement, Immune Support is available.

The SALUD team wishes you a happy autumn and beginning of winter!