Cleaning Your House may Count as Exercise

Check out this list of chores that may help you burn calories while keeping your house clean.

Calories are often used in dieting to determine whether a food is “good” or “bad” for your dieting goals, with the understanding that foods with a higher calorie count can cause you to gain weight. The reality is that calories are simply the measure of the energy that is available to us through each food item. There are some foods that are purposely high in calories, and protein based, to help people whose goal is to build up muscle. 

So, while the ingredients of your meals are often more important than the calories they contain, it is important to have a balance between the calories that come in and out of your body. Besides having a certain control of the amount of calories that you consume, it’s important to exercise regularly to burn off those calories.

Although many people dedicate time to going to the gym to lift weights, doing cardio or taking yoga, zumba or pilates classes, most physical activity uses up the calories, so even if you are not consciously exercising, your daily activities like going up the stairs, or cleaning your house may be helping you burn calories. Here’s a list of some of the things you can do to sweat off the calories and make your house look pretty at the same time.

The following list was provided by and is an average of the number of calories a 150-pound person can burn in 30 minutes doing the given activities. Have in mind your gender, age, weight, and your metabolism can make the results vary, as well as for how long and with what intensity you perform the given activity.

    • Moving furniture — 225 calories
    • Scrubbing floors — 189 calories
    • Raking leaves — 171 calories
    • Gardening — 169 calories
    • Mowing the lawn — 162 calories
    • Washing the car — 153 calories
    • Cleaning windows — 153 calories
    • Sweeping — 111 calories
    • Vacuuming — 111 calories
    • Ironing — 75 calories
    • Mopping — 63 calories
    • Making beds — 69 calories
    • Washing dishes — 78 calories

    We hope this list inspired you to see your house chores as a workout the next time maintenance around the house is due.

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