Chickpea Salad: An Easy Recipe that Contributes to Your Heart Health

A chickpea salad is the quick and easy recipe you are looking for. Besides being beneficial to your heart health it is delicious!

With the temperature getting warmer, and while still working from home, it’s possible that you may want to try a light, nutritious recipe for lunch.

Considering chickpeas are great to support heart health, and also delicious, this chickpea salad recipe is everything you were looking for!


-A can of chickpeas
-One small onion or half a big one
-Four or five leeks
-Half a red pepper
-Half a green pepper
-A bunch of fresh parsley

The great thing about salads is that they don’t require too many complicated steps. Just chop all the veggies into small pieces, serve them in your favorite bowl, and toss them around with some lemon, salt, and olive oil. You have yourself a delicious, simple, and nutritious salad.

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