Do you wash your hands properly?

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With the arrival of autumn, the cold and flu season is also approaching. In this period, it is essential to remember and put into practice one of the simplest and most effective measures to prevent diseases: hand washing. Read on to learn more. Reading time: 4 minutes Hands are a common vehicle for spreading germs […]

Did you know that October is Breast Cancer and Women’s Health Awareness Month?

October has a special meaning for many women worldwide: it is a time dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer and our overall health.  Read on to learn more. Reading time: 4 minutes Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer in women worldwide, yet early detection significantly increases survival rates. Plus, women’s […]

Staying active in autumn: the key to cardiovascular health

Autumn is a transitional season, where the days get shorter, temperatures drop, and the temptation to huddle indoors is strong. However, decreased physical activity during this time of year can significantly impact our cardiovascular health and overall well-being. Reading time: 4 minutes With the cooler weather and shorter days, it is common for some people […]

4 tips for healthy blood pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a common health problem that can be controlled with simple lifestyle changes.  Here are four tips to help regulate your blood pressure. Reading time: 3 minutes 1. Watch your diet: 2. Stay active: 3. Manage stress: 4. Support your body with dietary supplements: Following these tips can control your […]

Krill: the powerful source of nutrients you should be consuming

Krill is a small crustacean found in abundance in various oceans worldwide. Although less famous than lobster, salmon, or tuna, krill has an impressive nutritional profile and offers several health benefits. From being a rich source of essential nutrients to contributing to heart health, krill could become a versatile and nutritious addition to your diet. […]

Do you know the health benefits of positive emotions?

Happiness is more than just a fleeting emotion; it plays a significant role in our overall well-being and quality of life! Keep reading to learn more about the health benefits of positive emotions. Reading time: 4 minutes Research in positive psychology has uncovered a lot of insights into the science of happiness and how cultivating […]

How to create a healthy, chemical-free environment at home

Our space is often filled with various products containing chemicals and pollutants, negatively impacting our health and well-being. However, by making conscious choices and adopting simple practices, we can create a healthy and chemical-free environment. We have some tips for you! Reading time: 4 minutes Tip #1 Replace harsh chemical cleaners with natural alternatives. Ingredients […]

7 tips to promote your hormonal balance

Hormonal balance is a crucial aspect of women’s overall well-being. From influencing our mood swings to maintaining our reproductive health, hormones play an essential role in various bodily functions.  Instead of resorting to interventions and medications, many women prefer natural methods to maintain their hormonal health. We share 7 tips with you! Reading time: 4 […]

9 ways to increase your energy levels

Although numerous energy-boosting products are available in stores, turning to natural methods and remedies provides healthier and more sustainable solutions. Discover 9 simple but effective strategies to increase your energy levels and improve your productivity, mood, and quality of life. Reading time: 4 minutes Prioritize quality sleep Adequate and restful sleep is the foundation of […]

Did you know that your gut health influences your mental well-being?

Over the past few years, research has revealed that gut health significantly influences mental health. Read on to learn more. Reading time: 4 minutes The connection between gut health and mental well-being has piqued the interest of many doctors and researchers to understand how the two systems communicate and how nourishing the gut can positively […]