Can’t stick to your diet? We tell you where you’re going wrong

apegarte a tu dieta

When it comes to losing weight, we tend to have high expectations of our progress. We know the importance of following a healthy diet and exercising, however, as the days go by, we often find that sticking to that diet is more complicated than we thought. Where are we going wrong?

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It happens to everyone, sooner or later, to start a diet and then stop it halfway, without ever achieving the desired results. The reasons behind this are diverse. For example, sometimes what we want are immediate results, without taking into account that looking for a short-term change, without really generating a change in our lifestyle, will most likely lead us to failure. 

What can we do to avoid this?

1. Have a clear goal

First of all we have to ask ourselves: what do I want to achieve? And then, take into account that the answer should not be linked exclusively to weight, but to the relationship between lean mass and fat in our body. Considering weight as the only parameter of our success is not only not right, but brings us unnecessary stress.

2. Be aware that real changes take time

We must keep in mind that when it comes to nutrition, drastic and restrictive changes are not usually successful. They may provide immediate visible results, but in the long run, any benefits are lost. Instead, it is small changes in daily habits that make a difference and ensure lasting results.

3. More important than how much you eat is how and when you eat.

Diets that are too restrictive in terms of calorie intake are often unsustainable in the long term. In addition, if followed without professional supervision, they can lead to metabolic diseases that develop after sudden changes in the blood sugar. 

It is important to understand the importance of the nutrients in our foods so that we can then mix them correctly. It is not about depriving ourselves of any food group, but about knowing how to incorporate them into our daily diet!

Now you know. We hope these three tips will make it easier for you to stick to a healthy diet. We also recommend you consider taking a dietary supplement to help you achieve your goals.