Matcha: the superfood of 2023!

According to some experts, this Japanese superfood will become the morning energizer of 2023. Learn more about the benefits of consuming matcha regularly. Reading time: 3 minutes. Good quality matcha has several positive effects on the body and mind.  Uji is a region of Japan famous around the world for its green tea, and it […]

How to choose the ideal dietary supplement for me?

An adequate intake of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients is essential to maintain good health. Consuming food supplements is an effective way to supply those nutrients that we do not consume in optimal amounts through our diet. But, how to choose the ideal nutritional supplement for us? Reading time: 4 minutes. A doctor may prescribe […]

Consuming collagen to look young: is it effective?

To age gracefully (or stay looking young for longer), it is not enough to apply anti-aging creams. Our youth and skin quality depend primarily on our lifestyle: what we eat and drink, if we smoke, if we sleep well, and the air we breathe. Here we tell you how consuming collagen can help us look […]

How can I prevent diabetes?

Did you know that the most common type of diabetes is preventable? Here are tips to reduce the risk, based on research from the World Diabetes Foundation and other entities.  Keep reading to learn how to prevent diabetes. Reading time: 4 minutes. Unfortunately, diabetes is not always preventable.  As an immune disorder, type 1 diabetes […]

Pollen allergy? 5 tips to prevent symptoms

Spring is almost here! Longer days, sunshine, afternoons in the park, and… an annoying pollen allergy? We have some tips for you. Reading time: 6 minutes. Spring is a colorful season as the temperature begins to rise and plants begin to bloom again. For many people, however, this period is not so joyful: sneezing, watery […]

Let’s commemorate International Women’s Day!

Did you know that SALUD is a company led by women? Today we want to share some info about the relevance of commemorating International Women’s Day. Reading time: 4 minutes. International Women’s Day is a globally recognized day to celebrate women’s economic, political, and social progress – it also draws attention to the steps that […]

Heart problems: pay attention to their symptoms!

If you want to recognize heart problems in time to get proper treatment, it is essential to pay attention to several key symptoms.  Here we tell you which symptoms can indicate the presence of heart problems! Reading time: 5 minutes. Several symptoms can indicate heart problems. These generally include: Remember that this article is merely […]

The energy of the heart

Many people and companies, including the team behind SALUD, seek to create a positive impact on ourselves, our communities and the world. That’s why today we want to talk to you about the heart and the latest research findings in neurocardiology. Let’s talk about the energy of the heart. Reading time: 3 minutes. Our heart […]

Healthy Valentine’s Day Menu

Here’s a healthy menu to indulge yourself without feeling guilty this Valentine’s Day! Reading time: 4 minutes. Starter: Cucumber and shrimp roll. INGREDIENTS: PREPARATION : First course: Salad with honey-ginger sauce INGREDIENTS : PREPARATION : Main course: Salmon fillet with tomato and pesto. INGREDIENTS: PREPARATION : Dessert: Low calorie chocolate heart INGREDIENTS : PREPARATION: A […]

Celebrate love and its benefits for your health!

Did you know that enjoying healthy relationships helps you maintain a better state of health? To celebrate Valentine’s month, we want to tell you about the impact that maintaining healthy relationships and friendships can have on your body and mind. Celebrate love and its benefits! Reading time: 5 minutes. According to several studies, there are […]