A COVID-Proof Home

If you are practicing self-isolation, but still haven't disinfected every corner of your house, here are some tips to bring protection to the next level.

You have probably already heard extensively that in order to prevent contracting COVID-19, it is important that you keep social distancing, washing your hands and using masks and gloves.

But, it is really difficult to completely cut off contact with the outside world. That’s why today, Team Salud brings you some measures you can take to bring your Coronavirus protection at home to the next level.

    • If you live with several people, have a designated shopper to do the grocery shopping and errands. That way, exposure to the virus is reduced for everyone who lives at your home.
    • Assign a small area that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic to be the disinfection area, where you can clean and disinfect all of the groceries and other elements you bring from outside.
    • Wash all the produce and groceries you buy before storing them in your kitchen.
    • If you bring packaged food, make sure to disinfect all the containers very well.
    • Take advantage of the quarantine and put your home through a deep cleanse. Even if you have been isolated from the beginning, it is important that at some point you disinfect everything you touch regularly, like your keyboard, cell phones, remotes and other electronics, as well as doorknobs and light switches. The virus survives for a while in most surfaces, so if you don’t usually clean these small areas, this is a good time to start. You can make a disinfecting solution with five parts of water and one part of bleach. This mixture will not stain your clothes and it’s a good disinfectant.
    • If possible, wash clothes frequently on the warmest setting, and avoid shaking dirty laundry to avoid spreading the virus through the air. Also disinfect your laundry basket.It is recommendable to change your bedsheets and towels at least once a week.

    It is best that you shop effectively, and stock up on dry and canned food products, cleaning products, disinfectants and medicines as much as possible to reduce the number of times you go out, and if you have to do so that it is worth it and don’t have to do it so often.

    Remember that staying home keeps you healthier, and helps everyone stay safe as well.

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