3 Reasons to Plant Your Own Garden

Learn why you should grow your own garden at home.
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Although gardening may seem like heavy work for some, there are several reasons why you WANT to consider it this spring. Even if you live in a small space, it’s possible to build an inside garden, and of course, if you have a backyard, even better. There’s plenty of information out there from people who have done it before you and can give you ideas on how to put together the best garden for the space you count with, and guide you through it every step of the way.

Today, Team Salud compiled a list of the three most important reasons why putting together your own garden should be a priority among your hobbies right now.

Gardening can be beneficial for your health.

In addition to pushing you to physical movement, gardening provides you with a healthy distraction, away from your screen, and if it’s not an inside garden, it gives you some fresh-air time. Besides, it’s really rewarding to see the progress and growth of the thing you have planted and cared for. Growing your own food at home also means that you know what’s on it, if it’s organic, GMO, if it has pesticides, harmful fertilizers, etc. As we always emphasize, your nutrition is the first line of defense for your health, and knowing what you are consuming is key, no matter what stage of your life you’re in.

It may have a positive impact on your finances.

Although you definitely need to make a small investment in order to build your garden, once you get the basics, you can pretty much buy the seeds for a year’s worth of vegetables or herbs for what it would cost you to buy a week’s worth of the actual veggie or herb. You don’t have to sell your produce for it to have an impact on your economy, but it definitely opens up a new option. Besides impacting your economy in regular times, developing sustainability can really make a difference in times of crisis. It might not solve every possible problem, but it can reduce your food expenses significantly.

Gardening can have a huge positive impact on the environment.

For starters, it doesn’t get more ‘local’ than your garden and eating local means a decrease in the need for produce transportation, which consequently means less air and noise pollution, and less traffic on the roads. As we mentioned before, growing it yourself means you know what products assist the growth of your produce. This helps keep your soil healthy, and it helps protect bees, which are an essential component to the growth of plants and are also in danger of extinction.

We hope these reasons inspire you to start your own garden, and you can give testimony of all these benefits to the next gardener out there.

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