Heart problems: pay attention to their symptoms!

If you want to recognize heart problems in time to get proper treatment, it is essential to pay attention to several key symptoms.  Here we tell you which symptoms can indicate the presence of heart problems! Reading time: 5 minutes. Several symptoms can indicate heart problems. These generally include: Remember that this article is merely […]

The energy of the heart

Many people and companies, including the team behind SALUD, seek to create a positive impact on ourselves, our communities and the world. That’s why today we want to talk to you about the heart and the latest research findings in neurocardiology. Let’s talk about the energy of the heart. Reading time: 3 minutes. Our heart […]

Healthy Valentine’s Day Menu

Here’s a healthy menu to indulge yourself without feeling guilty this Valentine’s Day! Reading time: 4 minutes. Starter: Cucumber and shrimp roll. INGREDIENTS: PREPARATION : First course: Salad with honey-ginger sauce INGREDIENTS : PREPARATION : Main course: Salmon fillet with tomato and pesto. INGREDIENTS: PREPARATION : Dessert: Low calorie chocolate heart INGREDIENTS : PREPARATION: A […]