Are you ready for the arrival of cold weather?

llegadadel frío

It can be difficult to adjust to a newly arrived season, especially when it comes to fall and winter. Many of the elements associated with the arrival of cold weather contribute to weakening your body. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the cooler weather ahead. Reading time: 3 minutes. As winter approaches […]

5 effective ways to cope with stress

cope with stress

It is true that feeling a little stress can be beneficial by making us more productive, but living under stress can seriously affect our health. Here are some tips to help you cope with stress. Reading time: 3 minutes. Despite our best efforts, eliminating 100% of stress from our lives is an impossible mission… and […]

The superfood that can prevent diseases


There are many superfoods: goji berries, spirulina, moringa, among many others. The list is long, but one of the best superfoods are definitely cranberries. According to some studies, the benefits that the consumption of cranberries brings to the body are so great that they even help prevent various diseases. This small fruit, with a somewhat […]

Can’t stick to your diet? We tell you where you’re going wrong

apegarte a tu dieta

When it comes to losing weight, we tend to have high expectations of our progress. We know the importance of following a healthy diet and exercising, however, as the days go by, we often find that sticking to that diet is more complicated than we thought. Where are we going wrong? Reading time: 4 minutes. […]